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Fleeing The Complex game and why it is crazy to play

When we explore through the internet and look forward to online games the list is so long and among all of them, Henry Stickman series also occupied a place. This is a combination of action, comedy, parody point-and-click movie games. This comes up with a unique plan of features that lead players to stick to it more. Recently they come up with Fleeing The Complex game and it is the fifth game in the same series having enormous features. at 

About Fleeing The Complex game

In this game, a player is trapped inside the small present cell and they need to escape out of the cell. The part of the game is not to only escape the cell but to escape from the whole Prison. In case a player failed to do so, death is waiting for them ahead. It comes up with a stick figure Escape game and has some highly secured prisons which are having some strong stick soldiers around for security. A player will be able to make some good and fast this season when they want to come out of the game. If somehow they got failed to come out of the game they will no longer be able to be in the game and then they need to start from the initial point again.

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New feature:

Talking about the new feature in Henry Stickman Fleeing The Complex game you will be surprised to know that map is also included in the game. It allows the player to make the easy navigation through fails easier and also they can we visit any choice screen as per their requirement for some there is a replacement for the step-back feature as well. Also, a timer for the quick time events is introduced and it indicates how long a person needs to wait to get into the item. But it is important to note that these features are not available from the initial point. A user needs to move ahead and get them from time to time. Sometimes limited seasons are there which they need to make to have all these features available. The features introduced are retroactively added to the previous game so that players can have an Ultimate experience.

How to control the game?

Along with these new features the controls also get some advancement and these are very simple to do as well. There will be a decision presented on the screen and after it, a player can click on the option for action or tool they wanted to use. There will be no need for them to engage in any difficult task when they want to do so.

On what platforms the game is available?

Thankfully the game is available for web browsers, Android and iOS. Users can browse through the game as per the platform available to them and there is no need for them to worry about anything. The interface is quite tricky they just need to be a bit focus on the game so that there will be no such trouble to them when they want to extract most out of it.


Here we have shared little details related to the Fleeing The Complex game. A user just needs to go through it to have an amazing experience. 

Fleeing the complex Play Game: